Entry #1
Pronunciation: dou6
Part of Speech: quantifier
  • quantifier for degrees of temperature
    (Cant.) sip3si6ji6sap6dou6zik1hai6waa6si6luk6sap6baat3dou6
    (Eng.) Twenty degrees Celsius is equivalent to sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit.
    (Cant.) seoi2jat1baak3dou6zau6wui5gwan2
    (Eng.) Water boils at a hundred degrees.

  • quantifier for angular degrees
    (Cant.) zik6gok3hai6gau2sap6dou6
    (Eng.) A right angle is ninety degrees.
    (Cant.) hoeng1gong2daai6joek3hai2bak1wai5廿jaa6ji6dou6dung1ging1jat1baak3jat1sap6sei3dou6
    (Eng.) Hong Kong is approximately at 22°N 114°E.

  • quantifier for degrees of refractive errors, where 100 degrees represents -1 dioptre of lens correction
    (Cant.) seng4cin1dou6gan6si6m4pui3ngaan5geng2hou2naan4tai2dak1cing1co2
    (Eng.) It's hard to see clearly with myopia of -10 (dioptres) without glasses.

  • quantifier for events
    (Cant.) jat1nin4jat1dou6
    (Eng.) once a year
    (Cant.) loeng5dou6dong1syun2
    (Eng.) to be elected twice
    (Cant.) 再度zoi3 dou6
    (Eng.) again

  • quantifier for the volume ratio of an alcohol solution
    (Cant.) zi1zau2seng4ng5sap6gei2dou6hou2kang3
    (Eng.) This liquor has an ABV over 50 and tastes so strong.
    (Cant.) zau2zing1co1sau2jik6tung1soeng4hai6cat1sap6zi3baat3sap6dou6
    (Eng.) Hand sanitizers usually contain 70% to 80% of alcohol.

  • quantifier for the sun protection factor of sunscreen
    (Cant.) caa4zi150ng5 sap6dou6ge3taai3joeng4jau4sin1
    (Eng.) Let me apply some SPF 50 sunscreen.

  • quantifier for music intervals
    (Cant.) 八度baat3 dou6
    (Eng.) octave

  • quantifier for spatial dimensions
    (Cant.) 維度wai4 dou6
    (Eng.) temporal or spatial dimension
    (Cant.) saam1dou6hung1gaan1
    (Eng.) three dimensional space

  • 1kWh of electricity usage

  • 1kl of water usage

  • quantifier for the amount of oxygen used in medication, litre of oxygen per minute (LPM)

See also: 量詞
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「度 / 道」

Entry #2
  • dou6
  • dou6
Part of Speech: noun
place; spot; boundaries; sphere of an activity or a state
(Cant.) 呢度ni1 dou6
(Eng.) here
(Cant.) 嗰度go2 dou6
(Eng.) there
(Cant.) 喺度hai2 dou6
(Eng.) being; doing; literally: at this spot/place
(Cant.) 邊度bin1 dou6
(Eng.) where
(Cant.) zoeng1di1faa1sang1tung4tong4baai2maai4tung4jat1dou6sin1
(Eng.) Put the peanuts and candies together.
(Cant.) ling6jat1dou6sin1jau5dak1jing2jan3
(Eng.) You can photocopy only in another place/location.
(Cant.) ngo5dei6loeng5dou6dou1soeng2heoi3
(Eng.) We want to go to both places.
(Cant.) hou2do1dou6dou1co3zo2wo3
(Eng.) Well, there are many mistakes.
(Cant.) sei2laa1wan2wan4gam3do1dou6dou1m4gin3aa3
(Eng.) Oh dear, we've looked for so many places but still cannot find it.
(Cant.) nei5gin6lau1hai2ngo5dou6
(Eng.) Your coat is kept by me.
(Cant.) ni1go3lai6zi2ngo5hai2syu1dou6gin3gwo3gaa3
(Eng.) I saw this example in the book.
(Cant.) ngo5lau6zo2go3ngan4baau1hai2siu2baa1dou6
(Eng.) I left my purse on the minibus.
(Cant.) syut3gwai6dou6zung6jau5zi1be1zau2
(Eng.) There is still a bottle of beer in the refrigerator.
(Cant.) aa3fai1zek3goek3dou6jau5go3man4san1
(Eng.) There is a tattoo on Fai's leg.
(Cant.) daai6si4daai6zit3dou6dou6dou1hou2do1jan4
(Eng.) Crowds are everywhere at festivals.
(Cant.) bun2簿bou2dou6waak6zo2hou2do1fo2caai4jan4
(Eng.) Many figures of matches are drawn on the book.
(Cant.) daap6zi2sau1maai4hai2di1faai1lou2dou6
(Eng.) The paper is stored in the folders.
(Cant.) bat1ce1maa5fai3gang2hai6jiu3gai3faan1lok6hoi1zi1tiu4sou3dou6laa1
(Eng.) The honorarium should indeed be a part of our expenditure.
(Cant.) gaan1miu2go3tung4zoeng6dou6haak1zo2zi6
(Eng.) Words are inscribed on the bronze statue in the temple.
(Cant.) cong4dou6di1gung1zai2nei5gaa4
(Eng.) Are the dolls on the bed yours?
(Cant.) din6si6dou6di1goeng1si1m4hai6hou2dak1jan4geng1ze1
(Eng.) Vampires on TV aren't really scary.
(Cant.) keoi5dei6jau5hap6zok3hoi1mak6kai3hai2faan1saai3dou6
(Eng.) They have been cooperating and still have tacit understanding.
See also: 竇口 現場 粉刺 污漬 青春痘 界線 線 界限 境 疆
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Entry #3
Pronunciation: dok6
Part of Speech: verb
  • to measure
    (Cant.) ngo5jiu3dok6haa5go3ji1gwai6jau5gei2gou1
    (Eng.) I have to measure the height of the wardrobe.
    (Cant.) ngo5lo2tiu4kwan4ceot1lai4dok6haa5faat3jin6m4hai6hou2aam1san1
    (Eng.) I measured the dress against myself and found that it didn't fit me.

  • to devise; to work out; to ponder
    (Cant.) 度橋dok6 kiu2
    (Eng.) to weigh ideas
    (Cant.) dok6tiu4gai2zai2
    (Eng.) to think of a way
    (Cant.) nam2gwo3dok6gwo3
    (Eng.) to think deeply
    (Cant.) keoi5dok6gan2tou3hei3ge3kek6bun2
    (Eng.) He's working on the film script.

  • to lend or borrow, especially money
    (Cant.) nei5ho2m4ho2ji5dok6zyu6ng5gau6seoi2bei2ngo5aa3
    (Eng.) Can you lend me $500?

See also: 設 設計 咀嚼 思索 自忖 思考 測量 量 量度 措施
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「到 / 倒」

Entry #4
  • dou2
  • dou2
  • dou2
Part of Speech: affix
used after a numeral-classifier(-noun) phrase; approximately; about; around
(Cant.) jat1baak3man1dou2
(Eng.) approximately a hundred dollars
(Cant.) ji6sap6go3jan4dou2
(Eng.) about twenty people
(Cant.) sei3sap6seoi3dou2
(Eng.) around forty years old
(Cant.) ngo5dei6go3biu2jin2gei2dim2hoi1ci2aa3m4zi1aa3ngo5nam2loeng5dim2dou2laa1jiu3tai2haa5cin4jat1go3biu2jin2wui5m4wui5ciu1si4sin1zi1
(Eng.) "When will the next show begin?" "I don't know. It may begin at about two, depending on whether the previous one runs over time or not."
Synonym: Synonym: 左右
See also: 估計 約數 約莫 大致上 粗略 關於 大約 上下 四圍 四周圍 周圍
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Entry #5
Pronunciation: dou6
Part of Speech: morpheme
  • denotes extent or degree when placed after related adjectives
    (Cant.) 長度coeng4 dou6
    (Eng.) length
    (Cant.) 高度gou1 dou6
    (Eng.) height
    (Cant.) 闊度fut3 dou6
    (Eng.) width
    (Cant.) 硬度ngaang6 dou6
    (Eng.) strength
    (Cant.) 濕度sap1 dou6
    (Eng.) humidity
    (Cant.) 密度mat6 dou6
    (Eng.) density
    (Cant.) syun1dou6
    (Eng.) acidity

  • standard
    (Cant.) 制度zai3 dou6
    (Eng.) system
    (Cant.) 尺度cek3 dou6
    (Eng.) standard

  • limit
    (Cant.) fong1jam4mou4dou6
    (Eng.) self-indulgent without limit
    (Cant.) 過度gwo3 dou6
    (Eng.) excessively

  • consideration
    (Cant.) 置之度外zi3 zi1 dou6 ngoi6
    (Eng.) to leave something out of consideration

  • appearance
    (Cant.) 風度fung1 dou6
    (Eng.) manner of behaviour
    (Cant.) 態度taai3 dou6
    (Eng.) attitude

  • tolerance
    (Cant.) daai6dou6
    (Eng.) to be tolerant
    (Cant.) 氣度hei3 dou6
    (Eng.) tolerance

See also: 劃一 規格 格 尺度 局限 拘 制 乃念 面貌 風貌 身世 面孔 模樣 忍受 容忍 姑息 頂得順 容納
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Entry #6
Pronunciation: dou2
Part of Speech: noun
Labels: Jargon
(textile industry jargon) (vertical) length (measure word: 個)
(Cant.) 封度fung1 dou2
(Eng.) width and length
(Cant.) 短度闊封dyun2 dou2 fut3 fung1
(Eng.) short in length and wide in width
(Cant.) ni1faai3bou3go3dou2hai68baat3cek3
(Eng.) This cloth is 8 feet in length.
See also: 長短 長度
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