Cantonese Games


Cantorocks is a fun game to learn jyutping. Contains multiple difficulties levels suitable for both beginners and advanced players!


Zidou is a twist on the popular game Wordle. Guess the hidden word in 6 tries using jyutping.


Lukhap is another variation of the guessing game. Has improved features for learning jyutping and an expanded wordlist.

Software and Tools 粵典

The officially approved mobile app for (iOS / iPad | Android app) contains links to software to enable using jyutping as your input method. Supports all major operating systems.

0243 is a platform to help Cantonese song writers find appropriate words for lyrics.

Inject Jyutping 幫漢字標粵拼bong1 hon3 zi6 biu1 jyut6 ping3 is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that adds Jyutping on Chinese characters, a powerful tool for learning Cantonese and Jyutping.

wordshk-tools is a combination of tools for

Learn Cantonese

Hambaanglaang 冚唪唥 is a pioneering Cantonese education project founded by Viveik Saigal and Chaak Ming Lau. Contains books, stories, audio content from the absolute beginner to intermediate learners.

Their Youtube channel contains everything you need to get started learning Cantonese!

Cantonese Pronunciation App

Cantonese Pronunciation App is a mobile language app for practising Cantonese pronunciations and learning common Cantonese expressions. App Store / Play Store

In you'll find Cantonese translations of classical novels like The Little Prince, Animal Farm, etc. and other Cantonese learning resources.

A complete tutorial on Jyutping, Cantonese Romanisation - the 52-minute-long video includes an introduction, pronunciation demonstrations and practices. This is probably the ultimate Jyutping tutorial. For those who are keen to promote Cantonese, who are reading Chinese or Linguistics, or who are teaching Chinese, especially if you have NCS students in your class, you would not want to miss this video.




Cantonese for Families (屋企講廣東話) focuses on learning and teaching Cantonese as an overseas Chinese who spent their formative years outside Asia. It compiles a comprehensive list of online Cantonese resources. contains resources for learning jyutping, the de-facto standard romanization scheme for Cantonese.

Cantoloop is a mobile app to discover Cantonese learning content everywhere

Texts and Archives

fun poems

《嬉笑集》by 廖恩燾 - a collection of Cantonese poems written for fun.


《晚清民初歐美傳教士書寫的廣東話文獻精選》 by Shin Kataoka and Yin-Ping Cream Lee - Selected Cantonese Publications by Western Missionaries in China (1828-1927)

jyutping table

Jyutping table - an exhaustive list of jyutping and example corresponding characters.