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頸鍊geng2 lin2 / 頸鏈geng2 lin2 (n.) necklace
hoi1 (affix.) a postverbal aspect marker that expresses a habit which has continued for a period of time until the...
maai4 (affix.) used after a verb to express a sense of inclusion and addition
重傷cung5 soeng1 (v.) to be seriously injured
旅館leoi5 gun2 (n.) hostel; inn
水果seoi2 gwo2 (n.) fruit
ceoi1 (v.) to urge; to hurry; to press; to hasten
信徒seon3 tou4 (n.) disciple; follower; believer
迷你mai4 nei5 (adj.) (English loan) mini; tiny
海灣hoi2 waan1 (n.) bay; gulf
重傷cung5 soeng1 (n.) serious injury
東西dung1 sai1 (n.) thing; stuff
南北naam4 bak1 (n.) north and south
稍為saau2 wai4 (adv.) slightly
上前soeng5 cin4 (v.) to come forward
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