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ming4 (morph.) same as (meng2), but read as ming4 when reading text or borrowed words from Mandarin or Classical...
meng2 (n.) name; given name
ming4 (quant.) classifier for people
sing3 (n.) surname; last name; family name
姓名sing3 ming4 (n.) surname and first name; full name
上列soeng6 lit6 (n.) the abovelisted; listed above
zai2 (n.) son
成員sing4 jyun4 (n.) member
gong3 (n.) steel
duk6 (adj.) nerdy; geeky; lacking confidence and social skills
中環zung1 waan4 (n.) Central, a central business district of Hong Kong
居屋geoi1 uk1 (n.) The apartment flat built under the Home Ownership Scheme of Hong Kong; sometimes refers to all sale ...
奮勇fan5 jung5 (adj.) courageous; brave; dauntless; mustering courage
顏料ngaan4 liu2 (n.) paint; dye; pigment
zung6 / zung6 (adv.) still; to indicate that the action or status is unchanged or is repeating
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