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興旺hing1 wong6 (adj.) prosperous; well-developed; thriving; usually in reference to business revenues, the economy or a fa...
在座zoi6 zo6 (pron.) everyone present at a gathering, e.g. a meeting, a banquet, a class, a party or an assembly; people ...
各位gok3 wai2 (pron.) everyone; everybody; all of you; ladies and gentlemen
faan4 (n.) sail
保鮮bou2 sin1 (v.) to keep fresh; to preserve freshness
沿岸jyun4 ngon6 (n.) along the coast; along the shore
開辦hoi1 baan6 (v.) to set up; to start; to establish
官立gun1 laap6 (dist.) established by the government
sing1 (n.) star; luminous celestial body
渠道keoi4 dou6 (n.) ditch; drain; waterway
見面gin3 min6 (v.) to meet somebody
飛翔fei1 coeng4 (v.) to fly and glide at high altitudes
輔導fu6 dou6 (v.) to counsel; to coach
管弦樂gun2 jin4 ngok6 (n.) orchestral music
曾孫女zang1 syun1 neoi2 (n.) great-granddaughter
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