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作為zok3 wai4 (n.) accomplishment
作為zok3 wai4 (prep.) as, used to refer to the function or character of something
地下dei6 haa6 (dist.) underground
地下dei6 haa2 (n.) floor; ground
系統hai6 tung2 (n.) system; a set of connected things or devices that operate together under a set of rules or procedure...
daan2 (n.) egg
daan6 (morph.) used in the names of some food made with eggs
han6 (v.) to detest somebody; to venomously hate somebody
姑娘gu1 noeng4 (n.) female nurse
郵筒jau4 tung2 (n.) post box; dropbox
時時刻刻si4 si4 hak1 hak1 (adv.) all the time; every moment
預賽jyu6 coi3 (n.) preliminary round of a competition
失主sat1 zyu2 (n.) owner of a lost property
作案zok3 on3 (v.) involved in criminal activity; to commit a crime
防治fong4 zi6 (v.) to prevent and control (of diseases, pests or disasters)
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