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X光!iks1 gwong1 (n.) X-ray
ngaai4 (v.) to endure; to put up with
cin2 (n.) money
眨眼zaam2 ngaan5 / 䁪眼zaam2 ngaan5 (v.) to blink
人民幣jan4 man4 bai6 (n.) Renminbi; Chinese Yuan
je5 (affix.) a suffix added after some colloquial counters for money
je5 (quant.) measure word for occurrences, more informal than haa5
惠顧wai6 gu3 (v.) (formal, polite) to be a customer of a shop or restaurant; to patronise
鍾意zung1 ji3 / 中意zung1 ji3 (v.) to like; to be fond of
si6 (n.) matter; affair; thing; business; event
往事wong5 si6 (n.) past event (of a vague time period) in one's life
cin4 (morph.) money; citation tone used only in certain compounds
cin4 (quant.) a measuring unit of mass, around 3.8 grams
貨幣fo3 bai6 (n.) currency
美元mei5 jyun4 / 美圓mei5 jyun4 (n.) United States dollar
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