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番梘faan1 gaan2 (n.) soap
人手jan4 sau2 (n.) manpower
jam1 (morph.) Yin, a concept in Chinese philosophy, as opposed to Yang ( joeng4), used to refer to concepts comm...
潮濕ciu4 sap1 (adj.) damp; humid; moist
龍頭lung4 tau4 (n.) the head of a dragon
hong2 (n.) "hong"; a shop; a firm; a place doing business
fei1 (v.) to fly
jing3 (adj.) to fully influence a particular, precise or exact area
baak6 (adj.) white
baak6 (morph.) to tell others something; to inform
hong2 (adj.) perfunctory; without trying seriously; without putting in much effort
pek3 (v.) to chop; to split
把握baa2 ak1 (v.) (opportunity) to grasp; to hold
gei3 (conj.) since; as; now that; followed by an objective description of the situation, and then a suggestion or...
𠺝gaak3 / gaak3 (part.) stronger variant of gaa3 to show full certainty, support or confidence and also to express a conn...
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