Radical Search
dang2 (v.) to wait
paau2 (n.) device used for making a surface smooth by shaving thin layers off it
paau4 (v.) to scrape off; to grate
場合coeng4 hap6 (n.) occasion; function; event
鋼筆gong3 bat1 (n.) pen; fountain pen
zing2 (v.) to make; to create
haang4 (v.) to walk; to use one's legs to move forward
眾志成城zung3 zi3 sing4 sing4 (expr.) people of a large group united; unity is strength; literally; the united wishes can form a city
syu6 (morph.) to plant; to erect (by planting a vertical object onto the ground)
jam2 (v.) to drink
工具gung1 geoi6 (n.) tool; instrument; equipment
dang1 (n.) light; lamp
公園gung1 jyun2 (n.) public park; garden; a recreational area
gaai1 (n.) street
開學hoi1 hok6 (v.) for a new term or academic year to start at school; for school to resume after a long break; literal...
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