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lim5 (n.) face
黃土wong4 tou2 (n.) loess
補救bou2 gau3 (v.) to remedy; to make up for something
嶄新zaam3 san1 (adj.) brand new; state of the art; cutting-edge
嶄露頭角zaam3 lou6 tau4 gok3 (v.) one's brilliant talents begin to be noticed
kam4 (n.) general name for certain musical instruments
着重zoek6 zung6 / 著重zoek6 zung6 (v.) to stress; to emphasize; to lay emphasis on; to hold something in high regard
殖民地zik6 man4 dei6 (n.) colony
曾孫zang1 syun1 (n.) great-grandchild
瘦身sau3 san1 (v.) to slim down; to lose weight
sak1 / sak1 (n.) great-grandchild
助理zo6 lei5 (n.) assistant; helper, usually recruited
助理zo6 lei5 (dist.) assistant; person subordinate to another in rank with similar duties
網頁mong5 jip6 (n.) website; webpage
用地jung6 dei6 (n.) land for a certain use
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