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核心hat6 sam1 (n.) core; nucleus; basic or essential part
核心hat6 sam1 (adj.) core
轉達zyun2 daat6 (v.) to relay; to repeat something you have heard to another person
乳汁jyu5 zap1 (n.) milk (esp. in a biological sense)
自從zi6 cung4 (prep.) since; at a time in the past after or later than; from the time in the past when
報時bou3 si4 (n.) (over the radio or television) time broadcast
作為zok3 wai4 (n.) accomplishment
作為zok3 wai4 (prep.) as, used to refer to the function or character of something
地下dei6 haa6 (dist.) underground
地下dei6 haa2 (n.) floor; ground
系統hai6 tung2 (n.) system; a set of connected things or devices that operate together under a set of rules or procedure...
daan2 (n.) egg
daan6 (morph.) used in the names of some food made with eggs
han6 (v.) to detest somebody; to venomously hate somebody
姑娘gu1 noeng4 (n.) female nurse
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