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saai3 / saai3 (v.) to expose in the sun; to sunbathe
季節gwai3 zit3 (n.) season
斜坡ce4 bo1 (n.) slope; pitch
隨時ceoi4 si4 (adv.) at any time; whenever one desires
tip1 / tiptip1 (v.) to give advice or tips on (exam questions, a prospective winner, etc.)
tip3 (v.) to stick; to paste; to glue
wai4 (morph.) to do; to practice; to act
語音jyu5 jam1 (n.) phone; speech sound; the speech and verbal part of a language
小姐siu2 ze2 (n.) unmarried female; Miss
整數zing2 sou3 (n.) (math.) integer; whole number
leng4 (affix.) used after a base numeral, such as (sap6, ten) and (baak3, hundred), or a classifier to expres...
so2 (morph.) place; site
so2 (pron.) used before a transitive verb (predicate) to form a modifier in three forms: (i.) to directly modify...
so2 (affix.) used before the verb following the passive preposition "" wai4 (and any nominal) as an i...
so2 (quant.) (formal) classifier for institutions, buildings and establishments
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