Entry #1
Pronunciation: woek1
Part of Speech: verb
Labels: Loanword
  • to work; to function
    (Cant.) bou6gei1m4workwoek1wo3
    (Eng.) The machine does not work.

  • to be able to achieve the desired result; to be feasible; to be practical
    (Cant.) cyun4gong2zi6dung6gyun1hei3gun1dou3dai2workwoek1m4work?woek1
    (Eng.) Does it work to implement a territory-wide opt-out organ donation scheme in Hong Kong?
    (Cant.) daai6gaa1gok3dak1ji6dei6lyun2workwoek1m4work?woek1
    (Eng.) What do you guys think. Do long-distance relationships work?

  • (when preceded by degree adverbs, like hou2) to work really well; to exceed expectation
    (Cant.) ni1tiu4kiu2hou2workwoek1wo3
    (Eng.) This is a brilliant idea! (=The idea worked very well.)
    (Cant.) soeng6ci3keoi5gaai3siu6go2zek3kat1joek6seoi2hou2workwoek1wo3
    (Eng.) That cough syrup he recommended last time is really great.

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