Entry #1
Pronunciation: em1 pi1 fi1 em1 pi1 !fwi1 em1 pi1 saam1
Part of Speech: noun
Labels: Loanword
  • shorthand of MPEG-1 Audio Layer3, a popular audio format for storing music
    (Cant.) sau2go1go3filefaai1 lou2taai3daai6laa3ho2m4ho2ji5zyun3zo2zou6mp3em1 pi1 fi1sin1bei2ngo5
    (Eng.) This song's file is too big, can you convert it into mp3 first before sending it to me?

  • music player which can play mp3 files (measure word: 部)
    (Cant.) ngo5m4gin3zo2bou6mp3em1 pi1 fi1aa3
    (Eng.) I have lost my mp3 player.

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