Entry #1
Pronunciation: cip1 !chip1
Part of Speech: adjective
  • miserly; cheapskate; scrouge
    (Cant.) ngo5gung1si1zan1hai6hou2gwai2cheapcip1giu3ngo5heoi3soeng6hoi2ceot1tripcwip1daan6hai6m4baau1bou2him2
    (Eng.) My company is a cheapskate. They request me to take a business trip to Shanghai, but they don't cover my travel insurance!
    (Cant.) ni1go3ming4sing1gung1hoi1zi2zaak3dik1si2si1gei1zaau2siu27cat1hou4zi2zan1hai6hou2gwai2cheapcip1lo1
    (Eng.) This celebrity publicly criticized the taxi driver for giving change 70 cents short. What a cheapskate!

  • to lower oneself in terms of respect; to demean oneself
    (Cant.) neoi5zeoi1naam4hai6mai6hou2cheap?cip1
    (Eng.) Do you think women are lowering their worth by chasing after men?

  • inferior; vulgar; low quality; lowbred; especially regarding issues of style or taste
    (Cant.) ni1zek3hoeng1seoi2paai4zi2man4lok6ci5siu1duk6joek6seoi2zung6jiu3hai6gaau1zeon1zong1zan1hai6cheapcip1dou3sap6man1dim3dou1m4maai6lo1
    (Eng.) This perfume has a disinfectant-like scent and comes in plastic bottles, even discount stores wouldn't sell such a low-quality product.

  • inexpensive; affordably priced (the use of this sense is usually avoided because "cheap" has negative connotations)

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