Entry #1
Pronunciation: em1 si1
Part of Speech: noun
Labels: Loanword
  • multiple choice style questions (measure word: 條)
    (Cant.) ngo5zou6m4saai3fan6gyun2zeoi3hau6go2gei2tiu4MCem1 si1cyun4bou6zong6daap3on3
    (Eng.) I couldn't finish the paper, I had to randomly pick the answers for the last couple multiple choice questions.

  • master of ceremony (measure word: 個)
    (Cant.) daai6gaa1hou2ngo5hai6aa3zaak6hai6ni1go3baan1zoeng2lai5ge3MCem1 si1
    (Eng.) Hello everybody! My name is Ah Chaak, and I am the master of ceremony for this award ceremony.

  • microphone controller, a common title for rappers

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